“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ~Nelson Mandela

My parents are immigrants to this country- both escaping poverty of their Eastern European home in order to bring better lives to themselves and their families. They didn’t have access to much education- my mother was able to get a high school degree with the monastery; while my father didn’t have access pass the 6th grade (he had to work the farm, no travel all day to and from school- which was many kilometers away with no quick transportation). Despite the lack of education, their understanding of the importance of it was never lacking. They made extreme sacrifices to ensure we had an excellent education in the suburbs of Chicago and that we understood the significance of what that meant. Teaching and education was the key to crafting a better life, to changing the world.


I initially began this blog with the  intent of documenting educational research and science of learning. However, as I began to interact with my online PLN and engage in conversations I realize that maybe that’s my niche… as I begin to discover myself as a teacher and a leader who interacts and connects with the world- I realize my purpose as a blogger is the same as my purpose as a teacher: to develop my craft, influence minds, create worlds where others can reach success, learn about themselves and grow- to be part of the most important field there is.


So that is what this blog will be about now – the art of education in general. I will meander between topics that are research based, to science of learning, to best classroom practices, to personal anecdotes and sharing of resources, to advocating for students. I’m still learning and growing as a teacher and a blogger- so join me as we learn about how to be the best we can in the most important job in this world.


about me:

I love learning about learning, it’s the teacher nerd in me and I just can’t get enough!. Constantly growing my teacher toolkit to enhance my classroom strategies, turn research studies into practical tools, engage my students minds and help them be successful using strategies tailored to their specific needs.

I’ve worked in education for 10 years now. 8 years in Special Education and  2 years teaching General Ed Biology. I am now a caregiver for my mom, while also working on my Master’s in Educational leadership- with hopes to be a School Principal in the near future.