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First Weeks of School

The beginning of a new school year is upon us! For many of us the excitement and anticipation started weeks ago as we refined our curriculum, bought supplies and resources, researched new classroom strategies. As I filter through my twitter and facebook education related feeds, I can’t help but get excited – even though I won’t be going back to the classroom this year. I just can’t take off this teacher hat 🙂

After reading the following post by Learning Scientists : The First Day of Class – where they provided a list of resources for enhance engagement and therefore promote learning starting with first impressions in the classroom- I decided to do the same, but focused on classroom management and routines.


“Early Attention to classroom management at the beginning of a school year is a critical ingredient of a well run classroom” ~ Marzano and Marzano

As I noted in my previous post, classroom management is the most influential predictor of student learning. Therefore, I decided to center my back to school articles on this key topic.

My 1st set of resources comes from a top education blogger on Smart Classroom Management  – Michael Linsin. These articles are extremely insightful and exactly spot on in regards to using best practices in the classroom according to not just my research but personal experience as both a special education and general education teacher.


2nd set of resources are condensed articles from Dr. Jones book Tools for Teaching– which in my opinion is a must read for every new and veteran teacher.


As already stated- I also wrote a post on evidence based strategies for Classroom Management and Building Routines. It provides strategies that enhance classroom management and tips on how to build routines and what type of routines are necessary in a classroom.


And on a slightly personal/random note- this is one of my favorite student notes! To me it represents the importance of ignoring the “problem” student at first, giving students second chances, building relationships and fostering growth/success. I cherish it and all the notes I receive.



Are there any other articles or posts you recommend? Have you written a post you want to share? If so- please share in the comments section.



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